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Sorry Guys...

Hi everyone,

Sorry if my e-mail has bounced (not sure if it has, but after 2 weeks, you
never know) - I couldn't unsub...my father just passed away in India, and I
had to mobilize as soon as possible...

It turns out that I couldn't access AOL anywhere in India, even if I dialed
into a US node directly! The system would connect, and then hang up! So after
having spent roughly $ 55 on 6 calls (to Frankfurt, Copenhagen, US), I
decided not to throw away any more money...

Anyway, I'm sitting here in 95 degree weather, with almost 100% humidity,
with a floppy drive that's failed due to the aforementioned climatic
conditions, and in a room (luckily) with an a/c that's cooling down the place
to a bearable 80 degrees! Too bad our cars here don't have the same

Imagine driving around in a 1958 Fiat, which is still running fine although
my father had decided to replace the engine with a new one 3 years ago...it's
practically rusting away, but so is my Caprice...but the Fiat will get
bodywork done here before my Caprice will, as the monsoon will be starting in
Bombay within a few weeks...on the subject of cars, we have 2 Fiat 500's -
cute little cars that are powered by two-cylinder 4-stroke *aircooled*
engines - and which tend to overheat in this beastly weather...I'm getting
ready to ship over some Mobil 1 15w50, just in case my brother or myself want
to use the cars when we come over....when I was a kid, one of them actually
caught fire, and the fire brigade used sand to extinguish the flames! Not too
good for an engine, what?

I also received calls from a woman who had been pestering my father to sell
one to her, but he never did...now that he passed, she calls immediately to
buy one, and I basically refused, and then she followed up with a letter - my
G*d! Do these characters have any respect?? We're keeping them, as they are
so rare (and red no less)... (probably 5 in the country)

I wish I had my CQ here, but since everyone here drives like a madman, I
would *definitely* freak out if they came within a foot of my car (as I do in
NJ) - actually, they don't think twice of using a car to sit on, or to lean
on when riding a motorcycle - stopped at a light...

I actually have seen one Audi 80 sedan in silver-gray, but that's about it so

Take care,

Dorab (nivi@aol.com)...reading old digests that I never got around to....
1993 S4
1992 S4
1990 CQ
1986 Chevy Caprice