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Attn: Boston and MA listers

Hello, Bostom and MA listers!

Anyone willing to get together, talk quattros'n stuff?

I'll be in Baaaaston for the whole of the next week (Mon-Fri), running Co booth at the Sensors Expo. You are 
welcome to stop by anytime and we'll wash down a Martini or two, if you wish. :):):)

The Sensors Expo is being held at the Hynes Convention Center, 13 trough 15 of May. Lemme no if you need a 
visitor's badge.
I work for The Fredericks Co, and as of yet have no idea about either the floor layout plan or the booth 
I will be staying at the Mariott (617-236-5800) 110 Huntington Ave, Boston 12 through 15 of May.
Alas, I will not have a car overthere.

Hope to see some of you in person.