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RE: Pam on wheels?

bad idea it will keep the dust from getting in your eyes and lungs but it does this by making it adhere to the rims.

From: 	Allan Jones[SMTP:ampj@tiac.net]
Sent: 	Friday, May 09, 1997 1:51 PM
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Subject: 	Pam on wheels?

Steve Manning wrote:
> Just put CC's w/grooved rotors on my 200tqw . . . . .
> . . . . . squealing isn't too bad....although the dust is
> obnoxious and adheres to your wheels like paint.

	There may be a solution: during a recent Nascar race(nothing else on),
the tv crew covering the pits passed on a tip...supposedly Nascar teams
actually use cooking spray on the wheels, before they are placed on the
car, to keep the dust off because it is extremely bothersome to the eyes
and lungs of the pit crew during those fast tire changes. Is this a
practice that is applicable to our wheels?...they said it was but I have
reservations. So what does the list think, to Pam or not to Pam?
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