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Audi 5000 Transaxle


I am a recent addition to your list, and am hoping that "5000" is similar 
enough to "Quattro" that I can slip a few questions in <G>.

I have an Audi 5000 Transaxle, which I will be installing in a mid-engine 
sports car, and after extensive phone calls and netsurfing, I'm a little 
stuck.  If someone could steer me in the right direction, it would be 
appreciated, either a website, a reference book, or possibly a vendor.

1. Are there different ring&pinion gears available on the Audi aftermarket? 
 The factory spec is 4.11 and ideally, I'd like to drop into the 3.11- 3.5 

2. Has anyone ever made a shift linkage to adapt the transaxle into another 
vehicle?  Any aftermarket sources for that?  I was bright and took a 
working transaxle, the crossmember, all associated bracketry, but left the 
shift linkage :(

Thanks in advance for your assistance !

Frederic Breitwieser
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