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Re: Gear ratios

From: STEADIRIC@aol.com

>Kwattro@aol.com said:

>>You have a 1.8 four cylinder quattro??????  cool!  Max speed should be 
>>110 mph without modifications.

>Considering the 2.1l 5 banger in the Coupe GT was only good to 105mph
>(BTDT) I doubt that the 90 hp 4 would go faster than the lighter GT with
>15 more ponies........

You're all thinking US spec again.  I think the original poster said Euro 
spec.  I have a UK spec here (probably similar to Euro) for a 1987 Audi 80 
quattro (1781cc, 112bhp) that claims a top speed of 122mph with a 0-60 of 

We weren't so anal retentive about emissions (I do miss Bob D'Amato's little 
comments - when is he going to stop building his house and get back to his 
real purpose in life - double entendre?) back in '87 - I think cats were 
introduced here in '89.

There was a 90bhp version of the 1781 engine, but that wasn't used on the 
quattro model and was a carb version anyway (yes, we still had them in the 
UK in '87).

The original question was about gear ratios - that isn't listed in the 
specs, the Bentley only gives American specs (although the Eurospec model 
may use the same ratios), and Haynes doesn't cover quattros.  I don't know 
how that will help you to determine top speed though - you will also need to 
know power characteristics of the engine, aerodynamics etc.

1984 Audi 80 quattro (2144cc and 136bhp, no cat)
1989 Audi 100 Avant (2226cc and 136bhp, no cat)