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Re: Gear ratios

Hi all!

>There was a 90bhp version of the 1781 engine, but that wasn't used on the
>quattro model and was a carb version anyway (yes, we still had them in the
>UK in '87).

That is exactly what I have 1781 carburator engine with 90bhp. And my
Audi is Quattro. Fortunately I have service book of this car and I can
say that engine is original.

>The original question was about gear ratios - that isn't listed in the
>specs, the Bentley only gives American specs (although the Eurospec model
>may use the same ratios), and Haynes doesn't cover quattros.  I don't know
>how that will help you to determine top speed though - you will also need to
>know power characteristics of the engine, aerodynamics etc.

No. This is the way how to avoid all extra dates like aerodynamics. When
wheel makes one turn it makes a path which is easy to calculate. Then it
is necessary to reach max rpm at the straight gear and calculate how
many turns wheel does per minute. Done. But I see that with my rare
combination I will newer get this data unless directly from Audi GMbH :-(

>1984 Audi 80 quattro (2144cc and 136bhp, no cat)
>1989 Audi 100 Avant (2226cc and 136bhp, no cat)

Kiev, Ukraine
'85 Audi 80 Quattro