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90q20v stereo

I would like to upgrade the stereo in my 1990 90q20v.
The current system is all stock.  According to the
manual for the stock head unit, it is the Wiesbaden
model made by Matsushita.  I would like to replace
it with a Kendwood KDC-6001 CD Receiver that I have.
Is there an external amplifier, is the amp built into
the head unit, or are the speakers amplified?  Is there
a harness adapter that I can get?  Are any of the
seperates direct drop-ins for the rears...no need
to mess with the tweeter placement?

Without starting an AUDIophile thread, what modifications
have 90q20v owners made to their audio systems?  Before I
jump into amps and subs, I would like to first just
change the head unit and maybe the speakers, can this
be done using the factory wiring?

All comments will be greatly appreciated.

jstevens@kaiwan.com		    Orange County, California
johnstevens@ucsd.edu		Multimedia Development Center
La Jolla, California	University of California at San Diego