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Re: 90q20v stereo

Hairy green toads from Mars made J. Stevens say:

> I would like to upgrade the stereo in my 1990 90q20v.
> The current system is all stock.  According to the
> manual for the stock head unit, it is the Wiesbaden
> model made by Matsushita.  I would like to replace
> it with a Kendwood KDC-6001 CD Receiver that I have.
> Is there an external amplifier, is the amp built into
> the head unit, or are the speakers amplified?  Is there
> a harness adapter that I can get?  Are any of the
> seperates direct drop-ins for the rears...no need
> to mess with the tweeter placement?
> Without starting an AUDIophile thread, what modifications
> have 90q20v owners made to their audio systems?  Before I
> jump into amps and subs, I would like to first just
> change the head unit and maybe the speakers, can this
> be done using the factory wiring?

Good choice. I have the KDC-4005 in my 100Q and I love it.

Angela put a Sony player in her 90Q20V, with everything stock
besides the new head unit. Power output is not great, but the
sound it pretty good.  I know that the rear speakers on my
100Q are amplified, but I don't know about the 90Q20V.


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