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Transmission Parts

The Korean Audi dealer tells me I need the following parts to get my 87 5K
automatic transmission repaired:

                Free wheel gear, part number 010323383C
                Planetary pinion carrier, part number 010323805E

If anyone can help me with these parts, new or used, I would greatly
appreciate it.  I have a US Mail APO address with a San Francisco zip code
so getting the parts to me is no problem.

I would also like some advise.  I took the car to the Audi dealer to have a
transmssion leak repaired.  They installed a seal kit which stopped the leak
but the day after I picked up the car the transmission started slipping to
the point that it wouldn't engage.  When it finally did engage the engine
RPM was in the 2000 range and it engaged with several loud clunks.

My question is:  Did the above parts cause the slipping or did they break as
a result of the slipping?  If they weren't the cause what was?  Would I be
better off finding and/or having a used transmission rebuilt rather than
repairing this one?

Thanks for any help.  
At the end of the Audi food chain,

Mike Kistner
Seoul, Korea