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Re: your mail

> Someone else may know about this "problem" with my 5kcst! My '87 has an
> antenna marked "Fuba" that is three segments, extends only to about 2/3
> roof height. Is this stock/broken/replacement part? Never seen an antenna
> so short- power still works, unlike identical 88 5k with broken antenna
> about 2 1/2 ft high. Opinions?

This is a Fuba antenna as well.  I just got one from antennaworld
(www.antennaworld.com) for about $60 for the 85 4ksq.
My wife said reception improved about 100% over the knockoff
chinese-made power antenna that was in there.  Well worth
the $ and I am considering one for my 84 as well.

| Dan |