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ur-q/4kq oil temp sender?

I need a bit of help with getting the oil temp gauge working with the new
KUQEFH. The engine is an 83 ur-q block. The chassis in an 85 ur-q.
Only the 85 ur-qs and the 85-87 4kqs have the oil temp gauge. I have
not been able to figgerout where the oil temp sender should be installed
into the 83 ur-q engine block. I also have an as-yet unidentified wahr
down near the oil cooler, it has a round lug with a rubber bootie, is this
the oil temp sender wahr? Where should the oil temp sender be installed?

Also, the 85 ur-q block had an a second hole in the block into which I installed
a VDO oil pressure gauge sender. The 83 ur-q block has only one hole.
I installed the VDO oil pressure sender in it. This means that I have no idiot
light/buzzer warning for lo/no oil pressure, but, I never get any warning
light/buzzer. Does this mean that my oil pressure warning system was
never werkin with the orig 85 engine? Any ideas on getting the idiot light/
buzzer system to work with only one access for oil pressure in the 83 ur-q
block? Am I paranoid about toasting the new KUQEFH? YOU BET I AM!

Please respond to: gpowell@acacianet.com as I am not presently on the
list, also please feel free to copy the list if you think others might be
interested in this subject.

The KUQEFH does live. We had our Maiden Family Voyage this weekend
and it was a success. Complete specs on the 85 ur-q and KUQEFH to


-glen    gpowell@acacianet.com