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'93 90Q repair manual

Bonjour Qlisters,

I too own a '93 90Q, and even though I don't need it for the moment, I
bought a set of Repair Manuals, so I will be prepared...

Contact: DYMENT Distribution Services, 1-800-??????, Strongsville, OH.
This is part of Volk. Of America.

For 155 (+5) $US, I received 14 manuals (8"), coverings all the
variations for '93 90: fwd, q, manual, auto, cabriolet, etc. It covers
everything, with lots of pictures (2 per pages). The only things missing
are the electrical schematics. As for the high price, I hope to get a
refund for the unneeded manuals (7).

There's one for the interior/electrical where it's shown how to service
the dash. 

It seems that Federal regulations require repair manuals to be
available. Bentley had no plan to produced one for the '93-'95 (in

Hope this helps, Salut,

Yves Bordeleau

'93 90Q (alive above 3000 rpm)
'84 Scirrocco (260K +, spare car...)
'74 Westfalia (relax-o-van)
'72 911S Targa (summer fun)