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WEAK a4 engine


may i suggest that you keep the revs up, 4000-5500. please also notice
that you can really accelerate hard in places you wouldn't dream
of with the quattro, (turning from stop signs, lots of other
slow, chassis-unloading areas).

> Hi I have a 97 A4.  I also drive a BMW M3 and a Benz 500E and 300D.  The A4
> has the 2,8 engine but seems very sluggish, it is slower than my diesel!  I
> am tired of getting dusted my civics!  Is there anyhthing that I can do to
> increase the power of this engine?  How about chip?  any suggestions would
> be appreaciated, I really would like the car if it had more power and dont
> want to end up going to a 328i.  By the way the car is quattro.

i've gott ask, though, did you *test drive* the car before you bought it??

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