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Re: Strange antilock-off behaviour (or self-engaging diff lock?)

you wrote:

>For the last week, every time I start the car, within a few blocks
the "antilock off" light will light up. Cycling the engine power or
the rear diff lock will make it go out and stay out for the rest of
my trip, be it 5 minutes or 2 hours.

Horrors!  Brings me back to memories of those insane moments when the
same would happen to my old '90 90q20V.  The diff lock could be
"engaging" itself as mine did when I used to race up from sea level to
8000ft.  Would have to stop, manually engage diff (reset?) and manually
disengage (while all the trucks/cars I passed would then pass me by). 
When the differential is locked, the anti-lock brakes are also turned

Turns out the *&%$#! diff lock would be engaged even at speeds well,
well over the 15mph limit - dry pavement and all.  The Horror! The

Could never find out what was wrong. Toyed with idea of permanently
disabling diff lock - but deterred by visions of the quattro stuck with
one wheel spinning in some ridiculously-simple situation, like a gas
station entrance or something (some 4 wheel drive ya got there buddy!)

Be careful, 

94 90csq (with well behaved diff lock)