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Re[2]: Direct Freon replacement? NO! NOT AGAIN......

I thought that this thread might go in this direction.  Before it gets any more 
bandwidth.....  Didn't this discussion occur last year?  Help me out you old 
time list members....

For some reason, I believe it did.  Especially the discussions on the pros and 
cons of FR-12, R-134 and staying with R-12 (OEM specs).  If I'm not dreaming, 
then this discussion should be in the archives.


Or maybe it was the BMW list! ;-)

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Subject: Re:  Direct Freon replacement?
Author:  Dave Weiss <dzweiss@worldnet.att.net> at !INTERNET
Date:    5/15/97 2:25 AM

RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
> I read in European Car about 8 months ago about a new "direct 
> replacement" for Freon.  They only thing you need to buy is an adapter 
> for recharging.  ANyone else hear of this or has anyone USED it?????  
Check out Pennzoil's page-- I think it's just pennzoil.com (sorry, 
writing this offline).  They are marketing "FR-12" which they _claim_:
        has similar performance to R-12;
        works in R-12 systems;
        has low flammability;
        is EPA approved;
        requires only a couple of fittings to modify the car.
They have a list of shops that carry this stuff now, and it sounds like 
they're going to get Jiffy Lube into the AC biz.
Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ