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Re: top 10 ways to know you need new suspension

     >>  7.  your car is 10 years old and your suspension is stock 
     Hey, that's me!  ('87 4ks, thoroughly stock...though hopefully not for 
     long.)  Let's see if I can add a couple:
     11.  The 4-rings logo on your grill is scratched from nose-dive during 
     12.  The bump-stops are now the load-bearing element of the suspension 
     13.  Other bouncing low-riders eye you enviously on Crenshaw Blvd. in 
     Etc., etc., etc.  Any recommendations for good after-market 
     replacements?  Don't need anything fancy; after all, it's just a wimpy 
     4-cyl non-Q.  But i love it, and miss the way it used to handle.