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Re: top 10 ways to know you need new suspension

     My '87 5KCSTQ just turned 100,000 miles yesterday and it still 
     seems to ride and handle fine with the stock suspension.  I'm I 
     luck or have I just grown accustom to it?  If I were to redo my 
     suspension what should I replace, springs, shocks or both or 

10. You are constantly replacing door handles because when you turn they 
scape the ground.
9. People think you have hydralics
8. you weigh only 150lbs but when getting into your car it settles 
7. your car is ten years old and the suspention is stock
6. speed bumps at any speeds give you whiplash 
5. you do not notice earthquakes
4. people ask you if you knew your pogo stick has four wheels 
3. your tires squeal when turning slowly
2. when you drive people you know ask you when you lowered your car.
the #1 way you know you need new suspention: pushing on the brakes makes 
the back of the car want to switch ends with the front!
Well i was bored! 

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