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Re: Audi replacement headlights?

> > A friend and I are looking for headlights to replace our stone pitted
> > ones. He's got a 90QC and I've got an 80Q, both with the one-piece
> > lights.
> >
> > Do any of the Colorado members on this list know of a local shop
> > (Denver area) that sells Euro-spec replacements? The dealer wants an
> > arm and a leg for OEM.
> Does anyone else see the paradox in this last paragraph? If he think
> the dealer price for OEM lights is high, he better not price Euro's.

For reasons I won't burden the list with, I've had to price a bunch of
ur-q parts recently. US dealer wants $226 for the trim piece that goes
around the headlight on a US-spec ur-q (crappy quad lights). I paid $525
for a PAIR of REAL (dual reflector/H1-H4) Euro ur-q lights from PUMA a
year or so ago. Hmmmm. That works out to $262.50 per complete Euro
Now I can pay $226 for the trim ring for the lame quad sealed-beam
or pay about $40 more and get a complete awesome looking, awesome
ing Euro light. Duhhhhhhh, what choice do I make?

Right. That's one of the reasons my car is sporting Euro lights. Now, 
realize that the $226 trim piece is only for an '85 US-spec ur-q of
which there are 73 in existence. So it's not a high-volume part and
is therefore expensive as hell. And the Euro ur-q lights were also 
used on the Euro 4000 (80) and Coupe, and are therefore high-volume
parts and not as expensive as Euro lights for other models. YMMV big-

For anyone contemplating this swap, you'll be happy to know that the
upper and lower headlight trim is exactly the same as the US 4000/Coupe
with the flat lights. And I think the mounting bracket might be the same
too. But the Euro lights came with brackets anyway.

You can reach PUMA at (800)35HELLA or (800)333-PUMA or Fax at (316)942-
8084. At least this is how I got ahold of them last year.

Good day.

Bryan Gunn
'85 ur-q US model, but you wouldn't know it by looking at it.