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We must defend our honor!!! only semi-serious

Well I was reading the Sunday comics today, normally a fun and relaxing
time, when I came upon a very disturbing 'Shoe.'

In this particular comic, one of the characters is heckling the batter
at a baseball game.  His comments included:
"Hey batter!  Your mousse is runny!"
"You got your earring in a box of crackerjacks!"
"All three of your girlfriends have ugly tattoos!"
"The only shoe contract you could get is with L.L. Bean!"
"Your commodities broker saw you play last week and he's shorting July
pork bellies!"
and the one that hurt:
"Your agent drives an Audi!"

Now we all know that driving an Audi is nothing to be ashamed of, and is
definitely not something to be insulted for.  I'm calling on you, my
fellow Audi enthusiasts, to do something about this sacrelige!  Jeff
MacNelly (the author) obviously doesn't think very highly of Audis, and
we must let him know exactly what we think of that.  I envision
mailbombs (e-mail bombs of course...), letter writing, and maybe some
physical violence.  And what better way to get a point across than
embedding four rings in his [rear end]?

http://macnelly.com is his website.

Now let's show some of that list spirit!