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Re: 1983 UrQ Ignition Control Unit

Andrew,  I have been through that whole procedure
about ten times on my car when it was dead.

My methodology is to check the high power end of the
ignition circuit, using the light bulb hooked to the coil
method.  This test's the ignition module.  If that works, then
nothing is coming from the computer.  If you can test the
computer in another car, that's next.  Otherwise it's onto
pinning out the computer connector and doing the various cranking

In my car, the distributor was bad.  Hall sensor gave up.
No rebuild kits are availble, and it is a $600 part at the
dealer.  Being cheap, I figured out how to use a 5K rebuild
kit to fix the stock distributor.  It involves rekeying the
shutter in the distributor to 60 degrees BTDC.  That's what
the Ur-Q's mac-02 expects.  It wont start without it being
exact.  Even some shaft wear could throw you out.

Getting the alignment is a trial and error deal.  You get it as
close as possible with the cap off the dist, and everyting at TDC.
Then you have a friend crank, while you SLOWELY move the distributor
through a small range.  It will spark and fire at the correct angle.
Mark this angle immeadiately (scribe hash mark at base of dist)
and tighten the bold on the dist.

I hope some of this makes sense.

Paul Timmerman