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1983 UrQ Ignition Control Unit

Has anyone tried the ignition control unit test in the Introductory Service 
Documents for the 1983 UrQ? The car won't spark and I'm lead to believe from 
the tests outlined in this document that it is the result of the ignition 
control module, the one screwed to the body in the glovebox. Has anyone 
actually tried the 1.5 volt coil spark test? Anyone have any thoughts on the 
likelihood that this is the problem. Steve B kindly confirmed that the ECU is 
OK, and I did correct a poor ground at the throttle switch/ECU on the intake 
but it still won't spark. Lots of fuel, no spark. Do these things go bad? The 
one I took out is stamped 9/'83, the build date was 7/'82. Looks like it is a 
replacement, possibly of the wrong year. Did the ICU change after the '83's?  
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ
Beautifully painted 1 month ago and sitting idle for almost that long.