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Re: Electric Fuel Pump Nightmare


My car was cutting out initially, yet it only did it once when I was pulling
from my house.  Then, it restarted fine twice and died completely thereafter.

Just like you, I let it sit over night and no problem.  Later that day, it
wouldn't start then this morning, no problem it started again.  I took off
the potentiometer to see if perhaps it was noticably defective, but I
couldn't see.  I agree with you that it is in the injection somewhere as
there is spark at all times.  I've ordered a new potentiometer for $80.00,
and am hoping that it works.  In the meantime, here are some other things
I've noticed while trying to diagnose this whole mess.

When the car isn't starting, there is no power at the Fuel pump fuse though
there is power at the main 48/30 prong on the relay which is where the
ignition switch comes in to play.  The strange thing is though that when I
tried to jump the 48/30 directly to the 52/87 prong of the fuse block to
complete the power circuit to the fuel pump, it didn't do anything.  I would
have thought that the pump should have kicked on unless the potentiometer can
regulate this somehow.  

Too, when the engine does start, there is power at the fuse, but only
following engine starting, the pump doesn't come on the charge the system at
all, even when it does run.  Is this all linked to the potentiometer too?

Man, these electrical things are a nightmare.  Thanks Andy for all your
input, if there is anything in my diagnosis you recognize, let me know.  The
part won't be in until Wednesday.

Thanks again, Larry