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FW: CB channel for "traffic alerts"

> I am heading for Montana this coming weekend (Missoula and Great
> Falls). I just bought a portable CB and a magnetic mount antenna
> (already tested not to blow off at 90+  :-) Is channel 19 still the
> channel to monitor for info on police radar locations/activity? The
> antenna seems to work equally well mounted on the trunk or the top.
> Also picked up a cheapo closeout BEL detector (730i - even has laser)
> at RadioShack - Anyone have any experience with the BEL 730?
> Interesting note - My oil pressure gauge has been slowly reading lower
> the last month - down to about 3.5 bar at freeway speeds (you pick
> what that is :-) I suspected the sending unit was going - changed the
> oil yesterday and right back to 4.5- 5.0 bar. Using Mobil 1 15w50. Old
> oil had 5000+ miles on it. Never seen the pressure drop cuz the oil
> was old (and 5k on synthetic isn't really that old)
> BTW, anyone seen a screaming white scirroco on the eastside? White w
> nice big white wheels -awesome sounding exhaust - pulled away from me
> for a second (not for long, though) when I was at 1.6 boost in 3rd at
> ~3200rpm. (~40mph) - I know, shoulda gone back to 2nd..
> mike miller
> 91 200q