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Re: '85-'86-'87 4kq differences


Maxim Gatsuts wrote:
> Hi!
> >left side hinge.  Check for water in the trunk.
>                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Does anybody know where it comes from? After a good rain I am always
> have a half trunk of water. Help please.

On the wife's '86 4ks, it leaks in _on_ the trunk-release button.
Something in the mechanism is broken, and the button sticks out ~1/8" (3
mm) too far. Not only does the O-ring fail to seal (it's out of
alignment with its groove), but the button acts as a nice "funnel" to
direct the water into the taillight framework.

Also, try running some water into the vents _behind_ the little
"quattro" rear/side windows. These have a drain hose
(broken/disconnected?), and I believe they're the outlets for the HVAC

'87 4kq, no trunk leaks, lotsa Hp leaks!