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UR q omen?

In message <Marcel-1.08-0521230048-0b0a*qQ@sparkg.wave.co.nz> Greg Spark writes:

> Anyway, on returning to dealer I opened the bonnet to listen to the motor.
> After spending a few minutes leaning over the engine bay I stood up and walked
> around to turn off engine when *BANG* the top water hose burst spraying hot
> coolant everywhere including over my son and his friend standing nearby.
> Fortunately they only had very minor burns on face and neck but it could have
> been very nasty - especially if any of us had been leaning over the hose
> when it went. 
> Is this a message from the Audi Gods telling me a URq is not on my future??

No, but it might be a message from an ur-q telling you that it overheats and 
the dealer,  unable to fix it, has stuck a disc in the coolant header tank cap 
to stop it blowing coolant out while he suckered you into buying it.  There's 
no way that hose should burst at normal pressures.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club