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temp flap, sheer glee

Plaintive question: "What's the temperature flap (in the airbox) for? Can
the air be too cool?"

Purpose of the temp flap is to raise the temperature of the inlet air -
easier to comply with emissions requirements starting with warmer air. No,
the temp can't be too cool - Cool air is denser, computer senses this and
increases gas to correct fuel-air mixture for temperature, equals more HP.
That's why our cars seem to run better on cool days.

Purpose of intercooler (turbo cars) is to reduce temp of pressurised air
coming from pressure/inlet side of turbo - same reason. When the turbo
presurises the air on its way to the cylinders, the air heats up. Sometimes
quite a bit. Need to get the temp back down to reasonable levels, hence heat

Now: The ultimate gotcha - and I'm the winner! (This time, anyway.)

Have a crummy little rental house ($395/mo), and the property manager just
rented it out to a guy who drives an 87 Audi (don't know which model yet).

Proposed conversation:

        "Hello (tenant). I see you have an Audi. Pay the rent when it is due
and I can promise you I'll save you more than the rent every month on
repairs, parts, and advice on your car!"

(I hate it when my tenants have newer cars than I do - mine's an 86. Maybe I
should let him blow it up and then trade him a month's free rent for the
dead car? Endless possibilities here. "For rent - Audi owners only need apply".)

Cackle cackle

Best Regards,

Mike Arman