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Re: TAP vs IA Chip/Boost mods

> Well I originally told myself that I would stay out of this thread
>as it always ends up without a definite conclusion

My thoughts also

>The only problem that I've ever had with TAP box is that the car will
>ping somewhere around 16-17 PSI boost as seen on the VDO guage
>mounted separately in the center console. If you leave your right
>foot planted as this Ping is happening, It will turn to a studder or
>slight cutout.

Would anyone like to take guess at how long the pistons will survive while
this is happenning?  Assuming that the knock sensors are ok the pistons
will probably survive, otherwise the motor is only seconds away from
rebuild.  BTDT
Personally I wouldnt run a modification the lead to detonation, the results
are just too expensive & show a lack of development.

I was talking to Ned over the weekend (to retrieve my mac01) & mentioned
this thread. His reply was " I feel like a fighter pilot, I have a
collection of TAP labels from their chips on the wall.  The kill list is
growing by about one & a half a month"


John Firkins
1.5 Ur-Qs (couldnt resist buying a spare rear body section)
No IA or Tap mods