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Re: Dist. Rivet and Lifter Tolerances

Luis Marques <marques@ti.com> wrote:

>> Dist timing:  If you are one of the unlucky ones with the rivet still
>> installed, get a large set of channel locks and turn the dist body 
>> with them to get tdc.  With the rivet installed the dist will turn 
>> with this method.  Forget drilling that rivet, a cutting wheel is 
>> needed.

> Yes it will turn, but it will deteriorate the paper gasket underneath!
> I managed to bend up the metal that covers the hold-down clamp nut with
> some needle nose Vice Grips just enough for a wrench to fit in.  Once
> the hold-down clamp is removed, a cut-off wheel is the way to go to
> remove this rivet and cover.

A drill does fine, as long as it's _sharp_.  I think it was 1/4".  Use a
center punch first to locate the bit, use light oil as a lube, and let
the drill do the work (don't press down too hard).  Once you've drilled
out the center of the rivet, down to the cover, a cold chisel knocks off
what's left.  Total time 20 min, incl 8 min cursing when this additional
PITA was discovered at 9:45 pm, 2 min to retrieve drill and extension
cord from basement, 2 min to install bit and plug everything in, 3 min
to put away drill, cord, and bit.  btdt.

A properly applied Dremel w/ cutoff wheel might be even easier.

Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ
'89 200Q MC1KSRIP