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Re: F1 boring?

> Allan Jones wrote: Question: What is more boring than an F1 race where no
> lead changes take place and the leader(Villineuve)....

dclose wrote:
> Did someone miss Monaco?

	Not me, saw it live. Taped it as a matter of fact. Love the
> For a quick update, Villeneuve wasn't a factor. Not only did Schumacher run
> away with the victory, (after lapping Jacques) but is now the points
> leader.

	Exactly my point. Hardly ever is anyone but the leader a factor! I
enjoyed watching the tremendously gifted and entertaining Schumacher
master not only the course, but also Mother Nature! It was almost
magical to see him drive with such aggressiveness and smoothness in
those conditions. No doubt, Monaco was entertaining, but only because of
Schumacher's mastery. Every other driver was an also-ran. I would have
enjoyed Monaco just as much if it was only Schumacher and Mother Nature.
Would you like to borrow my tape to watch it again and see if I'm right?

> The worlds greatest drivers in the most technically advanced cars. This
> season is shaping up to be very exciting.

	I agree that F1 has the "worlds greatest drivers in the most
technically advanced cars" and stated so in my post. However, since by
definition 'race' is a competition between two or more competitors, then
the actual races held on the courses are not worth watching for
competition reasons, but the race to win the championship is and is the
only *real* race in F1. JMHO!

Allan Jones