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Re: Spring Compressors

In a message dated 97-05-24 19:37:42 EDT, you write:

<< I am looking for some spring compressors to do the struts on my 5ktq.
 Does anyone have a set for sale, or maybe someone would like to rent me
 theirs for a few days??
 Where should I buy new ones? >>
Call your cheesy local auto store (Pep Boys, Auto Palace, etc.) and ask them
what they're return policy is on spring compressors. If you can return them
after a couple of days then do the job, and return'em. I know it ain't
exactly honest but the guy at Auto Palace actually recommended that I do
this. And the compressors I got were far from new so I didn't feel bad using
them and bringing them back. 
It doesn't get much cheaper than that,