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Re: Spring Compressors

meck@hutton.net (Jon Meckem) wrote:

> I am looking for some spring compressors to do the struts on my 5ktq.
> Does anyone have a set for sale, or maybe someone would like to rent me
> theirs for a few days??
> Where should I buy new ones?  Which brand works best on the Audis?

Got mine from J.C. Whitney.  The clamps are rubber-covered so you don't
scratch your springs.  They work ok on stock springs, front and rear, on
the 5k/100/200/V8 cars.

They work, but are difficult to use, on aftermarket springs w/ less
active coils.  The rears, esp., are a PITA, because with so few active
coils, you have little room to work the clamps loose when the new
springs are in the strut assembly; they have to be jockeyed considerably
by loosening one a bit and sliding it, tightening it enough to repeat w/
the other one, etc.  Also, the clamps are close to the threaded rods, so
you don't always have a clear shot at the head of the rod from the end
because the end plates on the strut assembly overhang the springs.  Once
the springs are compressed, you can't use a ratchet in the middle
either,  because the ratchet overhangs the socket and will rub the
spring.  (OTOH, if the clamps extend too far, they have to be beefier
because of the moment arm.)  Before doing springs again, I'll be looking
for compressors w/ more clearance.

Commercial shops have a device which compresses the whole strut
assembly.  There's a picture of one such in the Bentley.  If you're
friendly w/ a mechanic, maybe you could just bring him the strut
assemblies.  Personally, I enjoy occasional doses of extreme pain
(satisfied by the V8, for now).


Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ