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occasionally starter sticking on Audi 100

Hi Audi-men,

Let me ask you:

My car: 1982 'box-design' Audi 100 GL with 2.2 l., 5-cyl. engine
(no-quattro :-( )..

Does anyone know about cause and therapy on the following problem:

since some time on starting the engine, the starter-motor sprocket (?) stays
engaged in the flywheel.. When I turn off the contact the motor keeps on
revoluting slowly (without actually starting :-)..
After turning the key anew, up to now the spocket was freed and all was fine

As the sprocket is moving fore- and backwards on his 'worm' in this
starting-operation, I suspect that worm could be messed and needs some cleaning
and lubrication...
Someone was saying grease should not be used here..

Maybe any of you has the right solution as ALL do have starter-motors!

Thanks a lot for any answer!

See you

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