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Re: Buy Turbo or install one?

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Tony Lum wrote:

> Driving by used car lot in Alameda CA. and saw a '87 5000 Turbo, light
> metallic beige, 5 spd and 65k.  Body looked perfect.  Also had nice 6
> spoke Borbet Type C alloy wheels. Tires were Dunlops D40M2s with a MOMO
> steering wheel.  But its not a quattro (looked underneath).  They're
> asking $5995.  KBB says $5425 in excellent condition. The question is
> are FWD turbos as much fun as tq's?  Or should I put the bucks into my
> '85 4kcsq by upgrading to turbo engine/17"
> wheels/tires/suspension/brakes like Duane Hale's '87 4kcstq?  On
> Thursday I rode in my mechanics old '83 5OOOT which has no
> intercooler/130HP and I gotta admit I'm feeling a case of Turbo fever
> coming on ;)
> Tony (feeling turbo envy),
> '85 4kcsq
> '80 5ks
> -- 
> Tony Lum			mailto:tlum@ascor-inc.com
> Systems Administrator		Ascor, Inc.
Well, I've driven a 5ktq, but own a 5kt, and although the Q is an aid both
to safety and handling, I couldn't justify the complexity seeing as I live
in the Sonoran Desert, where it never snows and it rains maybe 40 days a
year. Mine doesn't aquaplane at 90 in the storm either. That price seems a
bit high, I think.  I guess it comes down to whether you bought your 4k as
an Audi or as a Quattro- I personally don't have an awd obsession. I am
however, a turbo *nut*- 2 Saabs, a Chrysler (ouch) before I saw the Audi
light. Am happy they still offer turbo engines nowadays. Heck, I even
looked into turbo-ing my BMW Bavaria- what, 6 mpg then?

I would rate a 5000 Turbo as 85% as good as a TQ- and (sorry) I'd take
either over a 4k. IMHO, of course. 

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