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Re: 4kq Electrical Woes

At 11:30 AM 5/26/97 -0400, Raudi83TQ@aol.com wrote:
>I still have a similar problem with my urq. When I turn on the lights the
>alternator light glows for a few seconds then goes out and when I use the
>turn signals with the lights on the warning light glows alternatly with the
>turn signal indicator light, or more to the point, in unison with the
>flashing turn signal light. I have checked the wiring and fuse panel and
>found no obvious problem. There was an old thread about this in the archives,
>started by Bob DAmotto(?) I think. This gremlin has eluded me for 2 years.
>83irk-u (sometimes, mostly causes grins)
>Check the voltage drop with turn signals on and lights off and lights
alone. Look for poor grounds at the bulbs and sockets.Often highly corroded
areas  and poor contact can cause these sxs.Also check flasher relay,
battery connection , ground connection from battery. Does the light switch
feel hot? Another good spot to chect for high resistance.