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Chip info?, AC programmer

Trying to trouble shoot my AC programmer. (Compressor won't kick in, but
will if relay is grounded.) Yellow wire (from relay) comes into programmer
on Pin 7. I traced this to component U2. Numbers on this chip are:

        Delco 169E
        Japan 8641N

>From this chip, one pin shows continuity to a diode (other side of diode to
board ground) and a jumper back into the chip at pin 10 (?). I can't
determine where the signal goes after that. Does anyone have a schematic
for the programmer board, or specs for this chip? I really don't want to
spend the $145.00 or so for a rebuilt programmer!

Diagram below is as viewed from *bottom* side of board:

          | (In from pin 7 on edge pin connector)
(Ground)  |
    |   * * * * * * * *  1
 (diode) * * * * * * *  U2
    |      |       |

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Jerry Fields