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New 5KTQ! Oil Leak?! 4 vs. the 5, Suggestions?

I just bought the most beautiful '87 5000 CS Turbo Quattro!  It's pearl
with black heated, motorized leather -- and has ALL THE OPTIONS...I paid
only $4k -- and the car is absolutely mint with a low 99K miles.. Some of
you may remember me asking you some differences I should expect being a
long-time 4KQ owner and enthusiast..

Well I have a problem..  Actual a few problems (issues)-- Maybe you guys
could help:


(1)  I was washing the car on Sat. when I noticed a drip under the
passenger side wheel well..It's an oil   leak, and I a absolutely flipped
out!   Oil leaks from some type of metal coiled hose under the air filter.
It's leaking about --1 quart of oil a week -- and seems to leak only after
use -- not during driving. thought it was the head-gasket -- and I
panicked.  It drips done the control arm and off the bottom lip of the
wheel well..  A guy who looked at it said it won't be a big deal -- just a
new hose or line (or whatever it is that leaks!).

(2)       The idol is weird -- probable due to the climate control.  It
idles at 1.5-2.0 when the the heat/cool is on... But it runs and idles fine
when it's off.  It seems like it wants to compensate for the power the
climate control draws from the battery or something.  Can this be adjusted?


(3)  The molding on the car is coming off in several places -- is there any
specific type of adhesive I can use to glue it back on?

(4)  With my 4KQ (and all Audis) the door handles, sunroof tracks, and
antenna all need lubrication.  Three of my doors on my 4KQ don't open, the
sunroof on it is off-track, and the antenna broke due to non-lubrication. I
desperately want to avoid this problem with the new car -- and specific
brands I should use?  I hear Benz makes a sunroof lubricant that comes
'highly recommended.'

(5)  There is a significant difference in handling between my 4KQ and the
5.  I spent big $$$ on the suspension in my 4KQ.  The BEST part of this
investment -- and the most NOTICEABLE was the BOGE Turbo Gas shocks I put
in.   What do you folks recommend I upgrade to with the 5?  I don't want to
ruin the smooth ride -- but the ride needs to be 'firmed-up.'  Any and ALL
suggestions are appreciated.

(6)  There isn't much in the way of performance upgrades that I can do with
my 4KQ.  But as you know -- there are many tricks and ways to increase the
horsepower in the 5KTQ.  I have heard of many, including: chip and boost by
TAP and the Ned Ritchey systems. Which are the best -- which give the most?
I want tons of power out of my turbo -- Any suggestions?

All your help is always appreciated -- Thanks in advance for your help!

Richard HAroutunian
Direct 617.254.3795
1985 4KQ 156K-- Red with $7.5K invested in non-cosmetic upgrades
1987 5KTQ 99K --Pearl with those matching pearl rims... The 'rare' kind !