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4KQ For Sale

I have a 1985 red 4000s Quattro that I need to sell..

The car is mechanically perfect, but has a couple of cosmetic 'issues.'

The hood needs to be painted, and there is light damage to the right rear
bumper that is barely noticeable.. Needs things like doorhandles (2 in
rear), Heated seat elements, etc.

I have over $7000 in receipts for the car -- it runs, drives and handles
really, really nicely.. Here is a partial list of what's been repaired and
upgraded.. All work was done by the Benz Den in Belmont , MA.

   New original exhaust and muffler (Audi lifetime warranty)

   4 BOGE Turbo gas shocks and suspension overhaul, including:
     - All new CV joints inner and outer -- al bearings replaced
     - All new tie rod ends -- front and rear
     - Control arm bearings

   Timing belt replaced
   Water Pump
   Fuel Pump
   Diff lock attinuator switches

An much, much more -- too much to list it all --  lots of little mechanical
upgrades and replacements that improved the car's handling immensely..  I
have all receipts..

I absolutely don't want to sell this car.. it's reliable, fast, and handles
great whether in snow or not --

It has 156K -- and has tons more to go.. With a little paint and TLC on the
outside -- this car would be mint.

I want $2,500 for all the work that went into the car..  Come see and
drive.  E-mail me if you are interested.

Richard	 Home (617) 254-3795