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5K: Clutch Master Cylinder

Believe it or not I finally got around to finishing off the cluch M/C 
on the '87 5kCSQ yesterday.  Fortunately for me, a hacked off hex key 
did the trick ... eventually.  

Some of you may remember I said that the replacement M/C I had had the 
casting lug for the inlet located so that it did not block access to 
the allen bolt that attaches the MC.  Well, I did confirm this to be the 
case, but there was an issue with the swap.  It turns out that the fit-
ting for the fluid line to the slave cylinder isn't exactly in the same 
place either.  This makes it appear that it might be possible to get the 
clutch pedal to contact the line through the carpet.  I don't think it 
really will deform or damage the line, but I did want to make note of it.
As to the casting numbers ... the old part was made by ATE and had VW and 
Audi logos ... no casting numbers.  The replacement was made by FAG and 
had the following numbers in the casting ... "S5529"  "366"  "65" ... I 
am thinking that the second is some sort of date code and that the first 
is the only one that really has any significance.  I should also include 
the part number from the box ... 4A0 721 401 which is probably a VW/Audi 
number, and KG190028.1.2 which is likely to be FAG's reference number ...

HTH someone!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)