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Detroit Michigan references

I just returned on an apartment search for my young dauther who shall
moving from Pittsburgh to the Detroit area.  Her emplyer is located in the
northern suburbs (Southfield) so she would like something north of rt 696.
A one bedroom apartments seem to range from a low of about 375.00 for
The Village in Novi to 670.00 for the Somerset in Troy (heat included at
both locations.She is a young
college graduate and would consider sharing an apartment or home with
suitable female roomates.  If any quattro list readers have any
suggestions on any nice apartment or roomates, I would appreciate any
suggestions.  Once she arrives in Michigan, she will need a competent
mechanic who can service her 89 Audi 100 5 speed 108k.  Would
also appreciate any suggestion in such regard as well as an audi parts
source.    Please respond to George Kotjarapoglus at jkot@pitt.edu