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FS: 1990 90q20v in Boston area

Well, the fateful day has arrived. When I bought the car in February,
I promised my wife that we wouldn't have three cars for long. Unfortunately,
the truck has not sold, and one of them must go <sob>. I love my audi and
will eventually buy another, but not enough to get divorced over.

1990 90q20v, black with grey interior, 92k miles. Car is all stock except
for the headlights, which I converted to 9007's (can be reversed easily).
Runs well. Recently replaced windshield and had 4-wheel alignment w/new ball
joint and tie rod end. Cosmetically, has a few dings and some of the door trim 
is starting to come off. It will need a bomb and the a/c isn't working (haven't
diagnosed the cause). All other major and most minor items work. Ski
package, newish tires and brakes. Asking $8250.

So, if you or someone you know is looking for a 20v in the Boston area,
email me at atwood@ptc.com, or call 617-229-9569.

Tim Atwood	Parametric Technology Corporation		DoD #1461
Burlington, MA	atwood@ptc.com					AMA #360999
1994 ZX-9R	1990 90Q20V