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Money for Nothing


If you are interested in making money honestly and rapidly, this is 
your chance.

The ACADEMIA DE ESPANOL EQUINOCCIAL is looking for sales agents on a 
world-wide lelel, via internet.

Here is what you have to do:

-If you know of anyone interested in studying Spanish in South 
America, all you have to do is send them to our school.

-When such a person begins taking classes at our school, we will 
automatically send you the 10% commission.  GUARANTEED.  Example:  

For a student that receives 100 hours of class (approximately 4 
weeks), this course has a value of USD$400, your comission would be 

If you are interested in our easy and honest offer to make money, 
send us the following information via e-mail, after which we will 
send you more complet information concerning the operation of this 
program and the prices.

Apellidos (last name):
Nombres (first name):
Edad (age)
Ciudad (city):
Pais (country):
Telefono (Telephone):

More information about our school is available in our new WEB site 
(http://www.equinoccial.edu.ec), or request more information via 
electronic mail (eee@eee.org.ec).

We eagerly wait your reply.

Michael Corlett
Escuela de Espaniol Equinoccial
Telf. (5932) 564488 Fax (5932) 529460
Quito - Ecuador