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RE: Best Drives in the US?

In a mesage dated 6/5/97 siegfried <sdoerrer@ix.netcom.com> writes:

<<395 is pretty cool - however, its one of the few places in California where
the CHP guns you down w/ radar.  My bud got clocked at 98 while I let him
drive my new 90scq.>>

Not true...they use it everywhere now pretty much, ever since the 55 NSL was
revoked the "checked by radar" signs are up all over the place now! Be
forwarned. In March when driving to LA on I5 I was in a gaggle of cars doing
85-90 (SL is 70) and an unmarked chp (white Crown Victoria) was with us it
turns out for about 15 miles. Pulled none of us over either :)...just pulled
off to the left and turned around (scared me bad too.)

<<Too many good roads in California to even try to list.>>

Sure nuf...big state. But there are good roads everywhere it seems. (But
there is no place like home <g>)

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (almost too slow to worry about radar)