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RE: Ripp's 5000TQ.

Ya know, I sure as hell hope that this flame thread is not going to
start up again!  Let's give Ross some credit here!!  I mean, how many of
your cars have had a magazine article written about them, huh??

We're all Audi enthusiasts here, so why beat this thing to death?  I'm
sick of listening to it, and I'll bet that other listers are sick of it
as well.  If Ross wants to build his car a little different then you
would, then that's his prerogative...I say learn to deal with it!
Unless you're an expert on building engines, why question what someone
has done, if you don't know anything about engine development yourself??

If you want to get knit picky about typos in the article, then we could
spend hours ranting about other stupid insignificant things, such as
when 5000's and the like are advertised with 6-cyl engines, etc.  C'mon,
this kind of mail isn't the thing this list was designed for, I would

Let's drop the flame threads now, PLEASE!!

Thanks for the ranting BW.

Best Regards,

Mark Nelson

mnelson@brls.com				Borealis Technology
SQA Engineer				http://www.brls.com
Incline Village, Nevada			Carson City, Nevada

1990 Audi S2 Quattro (Building For SCCA Pro Rally)

Past Audis:  1987 5000CSTQ, 1987 5000CSTQW

<<Well I picked up the July issue of Turbo Magazine to see Ross's 87
 The car looks nice and by the tone of the article seems to perform just
well but I am left with a few questions.

1.  The article states that the engine has a "stainless steel"
 My question is why stainless steel?  Does the car have a submarine
conversion kit on it or something?  Or does it blow headgaskets so often
warrant the corrosion free material?  The factroy Forged steel crank is
for like 700HP.  Sounds like a load of Hooey to me..  

2.  The "HEADS" have been ported and polished.  I never knew of a 5000TQ
use two heads!!  Was this an early attempt by the factory to create a
20V by
welding two   
Ten valve head together??  Or is there a spare head in the trunk?  

3.  The throttle body was modified "to flow more direct air int the
manifold".  What is the difference between direct and indirect air??  I
figured air was air??

4.   The article states that "This guy "(Ned Ritche) "reverse-engineered
Audi".  Does Audi know about this??  I know Ned did computers and
turbo's but
I had no idea that he reverse engineered an entire car company!!

5.  There is also some mumblings of an Audi Quattro wagon having a lower
first gear.  If it is an 016 Transmission then the only car that has a
first gear is a 5000 diesel..  Someone goofed there...

Interesting paint job also....  

Usual disclaimers apply.....>>