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Re: Sorry Again Low Audi Content

For which, Dan, most of us are extremely grateful.  Aside from the
camaraderie and good fellowship, the knowledge and advice I have received
from those on this list have saved me a whole bunchabux and I, for one, am
very thankful to those (you and ANS and all the knowledgable members) who
provide this service.

At 08:51 PM 6/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>  Our ISP was shutdown by the local sheriff's department rendering our   
>> firm completely cutoff from the rest of the world.  Thanks to the   
>> hyper-responsive folks at ANS.Net, and ExpoNet we had a new provider and   
>> temporary 56k circuit in place and operational (IP routing included)   
>> within 36 hours.  If anyone is a similar crisis call these people first,   
>> absolutely top-notch service!
>Glad to know that we could help.
>Not sure if you made the connection, but that's who I
>work for, and who has footed the bill for the qlist thus far!
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