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Re: Brian vs Liberty Mutual (long)

Brian posted this recently....
       Today I contacted The Boston Globe in an attempt to blab this thing a
little louder.  The person that will determine if this case is newsworthy is
Bruce Mohl.....   Mohl@NWS.GLOBE.com.  If anyone is interested in helping my
cause, an email on my behalf would be greatly appreciated.  I have also been
sending email complaints daily to Liberty Mutual
   http://www.libertymutual.com/corporate/email/   in order to make my
persistence known. So feel free to voice your opinions to either of the above
addresses on my behalf.  

Thanks in advance for so much support.

Brian Siegel
1990 200 Quattro (kidnapped)
Why don't we all show a sign of support, and write Liberty Mutual as well as
the Boston Globe? Inform them (the Globe) that we are showing a sign of
solidarity, through the net, which might be a story in itself!

Dorab (nivi@aol.com) (Just a photojournalist giving a little tip here)