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FW: [Fwd: Safety First] No Audi Content

OK..this true story has 2 objectives:  1) to provide motivation for putting
safety first  and 2) to point out how dumb ford guys can be.

A couple of months ago a local teenager was working on his (87-91?) mustang
(4 cylinder).  He backed it onto some ramps and put it into park.  He did not
set the parking brake nor did he block the front wheels.....after all park
locks the rear wheels, right?  WRONG  Park locks the transmission....this
ford fool was changing the u-joints....disconnecting the wheels from the park
locked tranny.  Well gravity being as it is..the car rolled off the ramps
with the young mechanic under it......luckily a passerby saw it happen and
was able to call 911.  The kid spent a little time in the hospital, but came
away OK.  I'll bet he doesn't make the same mistake twice.