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A4q body damage

Well, just when I had ZERO $$$$ to pay to a credit card company I get some 
idiot who pulls the right rear bumper off the car.  I come out of the mall, 
and the corner of the bumper, where it meets the rear wheel well, has been 
pulled out by about a quarter to a half inch.  The bumper is damaged, as is 
the little plate inside the wheel well but (THANK GOODNESS!!!!) the metal 
bodywork seems to be fine.  Any suggestions?  I am dealing with Geico and 
calling them tonight.  Is this a dealer type of repair or a smaller place?  
I'm in DC, actually Alexandria.  Does anyone have dealings with Wagonworks on 
Rt. 1 near Heishman's Porsche/Audi/BMW?  Any help/suggestions are much 
Jon Linkov