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Return from hiatus

   Back from a forced hiatus.  Personal E-mail's been down since early May.  
Guess it could go back as far as Mid-April when I went on vacation.  Downloaded 
the list when I got back and managed to overload\kill my mail.  It finally 
worked it's way back to priority and is back up and running with an upgrade.
   So, to those of you who may have sent mail to me, I apoligize for the lack 
of response, and please resend.  Scott, still have your tape, unless Chris 
shipped it for me.  Ben, how's Pike Peak looking?  Orin, you'll probably kill 
me if\when you see me, but I haven't forgotten about you - much thanks, 
unfortunately I've had to use it several times.  To the rest of the NE gang, 
ready for Mt. Washington??  Anyone up for another Kanc run???

Until next time,
84 4kq (black and blue)
84 4kq (bought cheap, mint int, QUIET too)