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Re: fuel injectors (-10sp)

From: Mark&Michelle Sousa

>Thanks Paul, How do you remove the fuel injector?

The CSV is usually held on with two allen bolts.  The other injectors are 
pushed into place and stay there because of the rubber(?) o-rings that seal 
them air tight.  Over time, these o-rings become rock hard and this makes it 
difficult to extract the injectors.  You can buy injector removal tools (a 
long bent screwdriver with a split end to grip the injector), or you can 
improvise.  What I do is use a vice grips (mole wrench) to grip the nut that 
joins the FI pipe to the injector, then using a very large screwdriver, I 
lever the vice grips and out pops the injector.

Check your manual to see how many o-rings are required for each injector 
(they MUST be replaced if they have gone hard, otherwise you will have 
unmetered air entering the CIS system).  If your injectors are mounted in 
shrouds, you might consider removing and inspecting these (cut-down 13mm hex 
key required I think).

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant