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RE: rev limiter; scarred s*&%tless

suddenly it cut in; then out.  It did this three times.  I did not 
My analysis after the fact is that I hit the rev limiter which 
> > dropped revs; re-accelerated hit it again and was in an oscillating
> > mode.  
> > 
> I don't think it has a rev limiter, the owner manual doesn't say a word
> about it. I also saw once my auto trans letting the revs go far into the
> red area.
> However, there is a boost pressure limiter that is supposed to cut the
> fuel pump when the boost reaches 1.5 (according to the boost gauge in
> the dash), so next time it happens watch the boost gauge rather than the
> tach.
> 						Alex
> 					         87 5KCST	
Dear Alex,
	All this happened in about 5 seconds, it seems a little fast for 
the boost to drop, climb, drop, climb etc.  three times in such a short 
span of time.